Shelby County Big Creek Scour Hole Repair Project

Park Area Construction/Renovation


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date7/25/22 9:30am

Bid Date8/16/22 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Wagner General Contractors, Inc.

Ryan Borden   901-386-0060


Shelby County, TN

Project Information:

The work to be performed under this Contract shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete in place and ready to operate the improvements shown in the Contract Documents. These improvements for the Big Creek Scour Repair Package include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • 1. Clearing, grubbing, and disposal of cleared and grubbed materials within the project.
  • 2. Earthwork and related operations, including, but not limited to, excavating all classes of material, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of all excavated and unsuitable or excess material, construction of fill material areas, placing and replacing fill materials around structures, preparation of subgrades, finished grading, and any other similar, incidental, or appurtenant earthwork operations which may be necessary to properly complete the project.
  • 3. Temporary and permanent erosion and sedimentation controls as shown on the Drawings.
  • 4. Mobilizing and demobilizing the prime Contractor’s and all Subcontractors’ forces, supplies, equipment, and incidentals at the Project site.
  • 5. Temporary stream crossings as shown on the Drawings, specified or directed by the Engineer, shall be included in the Erosion Control.
  • 6. Placing and spreading of stockpiled topsoil.
  • 7. Furnishing and setting TDOT Class A-1 machined riprap, turn reinforced matting, articulated concrete matting, and metal sheet pile shall be performed in accordance the plans and specifications.
  • 8. Temporary and permanent seeding associated with the project including supplying and installing seed, turf, and hydraulic seeding as shown on the drawings.
Project Location:
  • 1. The equipment and materials to be furnished will be installed at the locations shown on the Drawings. Project site is located in Millington, TN west of the CN Railroad bridge over Big Creek.

Hard copies of plans and specifications are available for purchase at contractor’s expense, or files may be downloaded for free from our online plan room. For questions about accessing the documents please contact Memphis Reprographics at 901-590-4862.